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Sierra Leone Agro-Processing Competitiveness Project

The Government of Sierra Leone, through the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI), is implementing the Sierra Leone Agro-processing Competitiveness Project with financing from the International Development Association (IDA) of the World Bank Group. This project was developed to support the government’s strategic objectives to promote private sector development, achieve economic diversification and boost agricultural productivity.
The project development objective is to improve the business environment in the agribusiness sector and increase the productivity of targeted agro-processing firms in Sierra Leone. Achieving the project objective contributes directly to strengthening agro processing competitiveness, which is defined as the ability of agro-processing firms to generate new investments and increase market share in goods and services through improved productivity. Productivity depends on improving the quality of the business environment and capability of the economy, including skills and capacity of institutions that provide services to local and foreign investors.

Field inspection of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables exporters farms alongside their out growers farms; the farms of potential out growers were also visited across the vegetable and fruit districts photos below

Development of the Chilli dossier workshop. This document was developed by various stakeholders within the chilli export value chain including both private and public sectors. The main objective is to develop system approach for meeting the EU standard and requirements for the export of Chilli to the EU market.


The development of traceability documents by stakeholders in the value chain of agricultural export. This activity is very key in terms of response and data collection on every stage of export from the farm to shipment of the products. This creates transparency in the entire process as both private and public sectors work together in every stage of the export value chain

The stakeholders validation workshop (including both the public and private sectors) of the Sierra Leone Plant Protection Platform took place in the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security…..

This platform is aim towards facilitating trade and also creates the medium for access to phytosanitary information and other key webpage were the public can access additional information on phytosanitary standards and other relevant requirements.




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